December 11, 2023

Immigration Green Card

Immigration Is Good For You

Will Birtherism come back to bite Republicans in the Behind? On top of all his other Lies, is George Santos even a US Citizen?

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Nashville (Special to Informed Comment) – Suspicions grow that not only did new Congressman George Santos (R-NY) fabricate his educational and employment record but that he fabricated a marriage in order to get a permanent residency permit (“green card”).

Let us, as the intel people say, “walk the cat backwards” — ask a series of questions, each reaching further back in time and leading to some logical conclusions.

Santos is openly gay. He says he has a husband and wears a wedding band. Fine. But why then did he marry an American women in 2012 and stay married to her seven years, until 2019? If he were born in the U.S., he wouldn’t need a marriage of convenience. But if he were born in Brazil, he would. 

Is there any record of Santos and his wife actually cohabiting? Where did they live? Do friends and neighbors confirm that? The Immigration and Naturalization Service tries to guard against fake marriages by asking the American spouse detailed questions, such as the applicant’s toothpaste brand. Did the INS do this? 

After several years with a green card, holders may apply for naturalization. Did Santos? Or did he merely proclaim he was a U.S. citizen and nobody checked? Much could be cleared up if Santos merely showed the media and law enforcement his birth certificate. Why has he not done this? The listed hospital could be checked with a phone call. If it’s a U.S. birth certificate, end of story. But if it’s Brazilian, story is just beginning. Well, Republicans invented birtherism.

And what’s the story with Santos’s “wife”? Why has she never been interviewed? What, in fact, is her name? Did she receive any money from Santos? She seems to be making herself scarce. Why would she do that? Because if she participated in a “green-card marriage,” she committed fraud and could suffer fines and jail time along with the applicant. 

A green card issued under false pretenses is invalid. And using it to apply for naturalization is invalid. Therefore, any such naturalization and subsequent awarding of U.S. citizenship would be invalid. The applicant would remain a foreigner. 

Did New York’s third congressional district (on Long Island) elect a foreigner to Congress? Well, Brazil is a very important country and deserves representation on Capitol Hill.

The New York Times reports that Republican state leaders were early and amply warned about Santos’s fabrications but chose to remain silent. The investigators who discovered this either resigned or were fired. They could be called upon to testify. Non-disclosure agreements cannot be used to cover up wrongdoing. 

Instead, the New York GOP endorsed Santos. Repudiating this would have hugely embarrassed them. But the longer it went on, the bigger the embarrassment. Now it has national repercussions. It is likely that the major media are working on this story.


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