November 28, 2023

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USCIS Redesigns Green Playing cards And Work Authorization Documents To Overcome Counterfeiting And Tampering – Typical Immigration

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On January 30, 2023, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Solutions&#13
(USCIS) announced a redesign of everlasting resident playing cards (eco-friendly&#13
playing cards) and work authorization files (EADs). The new cards&#13
feature condition-of-the-art fraud protection technologies that aims to&#13
combat doc counterfeiting and tampering. This redesign is 1&#13
of the techniques in which USCIS is actively pursuing a proactive&#13
tactic to fraud avoidance. USCIS Director Ur Jaddou reported, “Steady updates to safe&#13
files, knowledgeable by our expertise of the newest approaches of negative&#13
actors and the innovation and ingenuity of our workers, guarantee the&#13
continued integrity of protected paperwork issued by our&#13

The fraud avoidance technology featured in the redesign aims to&#13
make it far more challenging to counterfeit, alter, or tamper with the&#13
cards. According to a Governing administration Accountability Office environment report from September 2022, USCIS has received&#13
much more than 65,000 immigration advantage fraud qualified prospects given that the previous&#13
variations of the cards ended up introduced in 2017. The regular redesign&#13
of the cards can make it tougher for undesirable actors to establish effective&#13
counterfeiting techniques. Even more, each and every redesign capitalizes on&#13
technological breakthroughs to make protection improvements to the&#13
playing cards. This edition’s advancements contain a layer-reveal&#13
element, improved optically variable ink, and highly in-depth&#13
artwork and holographic imaging. Some of these adjustments are clear&#13
when comparing the new playing cards to the preceding versions of the cards&#13
issued in 2017.

Everlasting Resident Cards

2017 Edition:


Source: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration&#13

2023 Version:


Source: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration&#13

Work Authorization Files

2017 Model:


Supply: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration&#13

2023 Version:


Resource: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration&#13

USCIS started issuing the new eco-friendly cards and EADs on January 30,&#13
2023. The redesign has no result on prior variations of the cards,&#13
which remain valid till their expiration dates.

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