The Athletic Shorts Trend Is Sporty and Subversive

I usually watch from the sidelines when fashion and sports intersect. Aside from leisurely dance classes and a quarter-life crisis half-marathon—yeah, it’s a thing—I’m what people in high school would call a NARP (non-athletic regular person). Yet even I have noted how an athletic shorts trend has come out of gym bags and into street style this summer.

Swooshy running shorts and Adidas basketball pairs with those iconic three stripes are everywhere in non-athletic contexts. It doesn’t feel like #spon courtesy of the U.S. Olympic Committee ahead of the Paris Games. Outside the Paris Couture shows this week and just around New York City in general, fashion insiders are channeling their inner Sporty Spice with a simple formula. Pair an athletic-looking short with anything but a jersey on top and steer clear of a cleat or sneaker on the bottom.

three women wearing athletic shorts to fashion week with oversize jackets

Guests at Haute Couture Week in Paris (left) and standard-issue fashion week (center and right) have been pairing running shorts and basketball shorts with oversize jackets.

(Image credit: Getty Images)


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