How to clean puffer jackets, Oodies, uggs and other tricky winter items

While winter clothing items such as puffer jackets, Oodies, and ugg boots do a great job of keeping us warm, cleaning them is a little tricker than throwing into the washing machine.

Often these clothing items are an investment — especially when made from natural insulators like down and sheepskin.

To keep them looking good for many seasons to come, we’ve got some simple cleaning tips that don’t involve a dry-cleaner.

Do I need to wash this, or can it be spot-cleaned?

Take a moment to think about if your item really needs to be washed or if it can be spot-cleaned instead, says Taylor Brydges from the University of Technology Sydney’s Institute for Sustainable Futures.

The Canadian-born researcher — who is well-acquainted with winter clothing — looks at sustainable production and consumption in the fashion industry.

Dr Brydges says many of us wash our clothes more than we need to, reducing their longevity by putting them through washing machines and dryers.

“Does an item need to be put in the wash because it’s got one little stain on it?”

Sometimes our clothes just need a little refresh, Dr Brydges says, which depending on the fabric can be done with a hand-held steamer, or hanging in the sun on a windy day to air out and deodorise.

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