December 11, 2023

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Green Card Renewal: How long does it take to renew or replace a Green Card?

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The Green Card permits holders to live permanently in the USA. However, it has a specific validity period after which it expires. Alternatively, you can lose or damage the card, which might call for a replacement. Thankfully, the renewal or replacement of the Green Card is allowed in the US. However, it takes some time.

How much time does the renewal or replacement take?

Renewal of the Green Card takes about 10 to 12 months. However, if your application is not prepared correctly, the time increases. While you wait, you can get temporary proof that shows your permanent resident status in the USA. This temporary proof is useful if you travel internationally and need it for employment-related purposes or other requirements.

How can I renew or replace the Green Card?

For a replacement or renewal of the Green Card, you must apply in Form I-90. This form is the Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card. You also have to pay a filing fee. Both the form and the fee should be submitted to USCIS.

The application form and its filling instructions are available online on the USCIS website.

How can I check current processing times?

The actual time for the renewal of the Green Card can be checked online on the USCIS website. The website publishes the processing time on its portal every month.

What do I do if I’m travelling internationally?

If travelling out of the USA, apply for temporary proof of your residential status. This would allow you to re-enter the country after your trip. The temporary proof is valid even if you want to join a new company, get a loan, or apply for a driver’s license.

When should I renew my Green Card?

Rules state that you should apply for a renewal of your Green Card at least five to six months before your current card expires. This would give you sufficient time before the current card expires and the renewal application is processed. You would also get a temporary extension on the Green Card. However, if you apply six months before your current card expires, USCIS might reject your application.

From 1st January 2021, the USCIS has developed a new process to issue temporary proof of residential status. Under the new process, you would get an I-797 notice and the I-90 Form. The notice would state that it provides lawful evidence of your permanent resident status for a year from the expiration date of your Permanent Resident Card or Green Card. The notice also authorizes you to work in the USA and travel internationally.

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