December 3, 2023

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Bill to remove country caps for job-based green cards set to be discussed

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MUMBAI: The draft of the Eagle (Equal access to green cards for legal employment) Act, which seeks to remove the 7% per country cap on employment-based green cards in a phased manner, is likely to be taken up for discussion and mark-up by the US House Judiciary Committee in early April.
This promises a ray of hope for the Indian diaspora, which is caught in a decades-long backlog for employment-based green cards. Families face severe repercussions, including splitting up of families when children turn 21 and are forced to self deport. If the aged-out children wish to continue to stay in the US they have to opt for an international student visa. Later, they have to pin their hopes on work visas and are no longer in the green card queue with their family but have to start the process again.
TOI had written about the Eagle Act-Bill when it was first introduced.

Immigration Voice, a not for profit that works towards alleviating the problems faced by legal high-skilled future Americans has been actively lobbying for the passing of this bill.
On its website the association has posted: We are happy to share with you that our bill H.R.3648 – The Eagle Act will be marked up in the House Judiciary Committee on April 5.
Markup is the process by which a US congressional committee debates, amends and rewriters proposed legislation.
“Preparation is a key ingredient for success. And in anticipation of the vote in the House Judiciary committee, key leaders of Immigration Voice have been in Washington DC for the last two weeks to speak with House Judiciary Members and their staff. As always, we have broad bipartisan support for the bill and we expect that with your active participation we will together see the bill pass the House Judiciary Committee next week, and pass on the House floor soon after,” adds the post. The association is hopeful that the Eagle Act-Bill will pass this year.


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