Attending Vogue World: Paris? Here are 15 editor-approved items to wear in France

As haute couture Week kicks off on June 23, the iconic Place Vendôme transforms into a fashion playground for Vogue World: Paris, too. In a celebration of the dynamic fusion of fashion and sports, youth athletic academies from throughout France will showcase gymnastics, tennis, fencing, and breakdancing. To make sure you look on theme at Vogue World: Paris, we’ve curated 15 must-have items that blend sporty style with high fashion.

A tracksuit

Designer tracksuits blend luxury and comfort, offering a stylish, versatile look perfect for any occasion, from casual outings to fashion events.

The Tennis dress

Tennis dresses effortlessly combine elegance and athleticism, offering a sleek silhouette and comfort, making them the ultimate sporty-chic outfit.

Athletic blazer

Opt for a tailored blazer with sporty accents like stripes or mesh inserts. Athletic blazers seamlessly blend sophistication and sporty flair, making them the ultimate must-have for a versatile, chic look.

Gymnastics bodysuit

Gymnastics bodysuits offer sleek lines, effortless style, and comfort. Pair a fashionable bodysuit with high-waisted trousers or a skirt to give it a street-style twist.

Fencing jacket

Fencing jackets blend sleek athleticism with tailored sophistication. A high-fashion take on the fencing jacket adds a unique touch to your look.

Asymmetric crop-top

Choose an asymmetric, designer crop top that screams “breakdance” for a blend of comfort and street style.

Polo jumpsuit

A chic jumpsuit with collars provides a preppy feel to your sporty-chic wardrobe. Pair them anything from tennis shoes to thigh-high boots.

Statement sneakers

High-end sneakers that combine comfort with bold design are a must to navigate the line between fashion and sports.

Baseball cap

Add a boyish charm to your ensemble with the touch of a baseball cap in neutrals.

Sporty watch

A sleek, functional sports watch adds just the right amount of bling to your look without seeming over-accessorised.

Designer socks

Colorful socks inject vibrant fun into sporty outfits, offering a playful pop of color that boosts your look with the right amount of energy.

Chic headband

Headbands perfectly blend sporty and preppy styles, effortlessly tucking away your bad hair days while adding a stylish touch to your outfit.

Crossbody bag

Cross-body bags are the ultimate sporty-chic accessory, combining practicality and style, keeping your essentials secure and hands-free.

Structured backpack

Backpacks perfectly blend functionality and style, offering hands-free convenience and complementing sporty fashion with their versatile design.

Comfortable flats

Chic flats combine comfort and style, making them ideal for sporty fashion by allowing easy movement without sacrificing style.

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