December 2, 2023

Immigration Green Card

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Andrei Castravet Faces Green Card Challenge: Who Snitched?

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In between Big Ed’s bad behavior and Angela’s vicious fight with Michael outside of his home, there was a mystery afoot.

Andrei Castravet met with his immigration attorney to prepare for his green card renewal interview.

But his attorney told him that this was odd. Normally, someone in his shoes wouldn’t need another meeting at all.

She asked if Andrei has any enemies who might be sabotaging his chances. Who snitched?

On last Sunday’s episode, Andrei Castravet sat down with Emel Ersan, his immigration attorney.

Ostensibly, they were just going to make sure that he has all of his documentation in order. This can range from official government forms to family photo albums.

Andrei already has his two-year green card and now needs to get his 10-year green card. But, Emel tells him, for a man who’s still married like he is and has an American child, this renewal would usually not require a new interview at all.

Andrei had not really delved into his history, but it’s all up for grabs when it comes to immigration interviews.

He worked as a police officer in Moldova, where he apparently testified during an anti-corruption operation and then “chose” to move to Ireland. That is where he met Libby.

We all saw the Potthast family learn about this topic during their trip to Moldova. It is a complicated part of his past, and viewers still have unanswered questions.

Andrei and Elizabeth have a daughter, Ellie. Andrei has never gotten into trouble in the US. He is neither divorced nor separated.

Emel wondered if someone had called in to “report” Andrei for something, real or imagined, to draw extra scrutiny.

Does Andrei have any enemies?

Well, yes. No one could dispute that he has some enemies in the US.

Some of Libby’s family members despise him. Her sisters are wary of him, but Charlie loathes him to the point of physically attacking him.

Armed with a motive and some amount of knowledge of his “trouble” in Moldova, could one of his in-laws be sabotaging his visa?

This isn’t just the extra headache of having to go in for an interview instead of just getting a 10-year green card in the mail.

Emel warned Andrei that he could end up in deportation proceedings, even if he did not do anything wrong.

She has seen it happen. Immigration procedures do not have the same due process requirements as a criminal trial. Andrei does not get to enjoy a presumption of innocence.

Would one of Andrei’s own in-laws really stoop so low?

It’s possible. On the one hand, one can imagine the temptation. With one email or phone call, someone could rid themselves of a nuisance. Charlie, in particular, has had a long time to simmer over this.

But … a suspicion isn’t the same thing as confirmation, let alone identifying the culprit.

Andrei then had to break the news to his wife.

He called it “snitching,” which is usually the term when you’re doing something wrong or something illegal. Presumably, that’s not his meaning. Right?

But Elizabeth felt stunned. This is a step backwards for their family. And if Andrei faces deportation, Libby would move to Moldova to follow him.

If one of Libby’s in-laws sabotaged Andrei’s chances of renewing his green card, this may backfire.

We think that Becky and Jenn know her well enough to know that she would follow Andrei to the ends of the earth. And Chuck likes him these days.

This either leaves Charlie, his wife Megan, or the siblings’ homophobic mom, Pamela as suspects. But … we’re not prepared to narrow that down any further. Not until we know more.


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