14 Best Dressed Men at the 2024 Met Gala, “The Garden of Time”

For all its over-the-top, Capitol of Panem-esque antics, the Met Gala has more depth than people give it credit for. As a fundraising event, the Met Gala does exactly what it’s meant to do: last year, the festivities brought in roughly $22 million for the Costume Institute at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Yet this year, the Met Gala delivered more than a hefty cheque.

To complement Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion, the Costume Institute’s upcoming exhibit, the gala’s theme — “The Garden of Time” — jolted fans and critics awake. Despite the serene-sounding semantics, “The Garden of Time” references a dark, borderline dystopian story of the same name, penned by JG Ballard in 1962. Ballard’s work, without spoiling the details, is a front-row seat to the destruction of “high culture” — namely artwork, flowers, and classical music — which feels especially relevant for an ostentatious affair like this. Winking at its… swanky reputation, the 2024 Met Gala asked guests to interpret beauty amidst chaos. With an estimated four hundred attendees, the carpet was overflowing with thoughtful takes. That said, a few well-groomed guests stood out from the pack.

Jeff Goldblum

jeff goldblum met gala 2024
Photo by Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Though he’s been a Hollywood mainstay for decades, 71-year-old Jeff Goldblum made his first Met Gala appearance this year. The SHARP cover alum did his homework, walking up the Met’s wide carpet in an oversized black suit adorned with Tiffany brooches, complemented with green lenses by Jacques Marie Mage and anchored by a timepiece — the Tiffany Cocktail 2-Hand — in 18-karat rose gold.

“The Garden of Time” inspired these accessories, Goldblum explained. Recounting the story to host Emma Chamberlain, the actor said: “There are hordes coming toward the house, and [the characters] pluck these magical, crystalline flowers that become liquid […] and that forestalls, kind of delays, the inevitable destruction of their lives — of their beautiful lives and gardens.” Paired with a black vest and loosely-tied bow, Goldblum put a modern spin on the story’s antique style.

Dan Levy

dan levy met gala 2024
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Dan Levy turned up to the carpet in a stunning suit by Loewe. A black double-breasted jacket drapes over an equally dark, high-necked shirt before gradually giving way to the trousers, fashioned from a tapestry of pastel flowers. “For the longest time, men’s fashion was so square. Women had all the fun,” Levy told the New York Times. “That all changed over the past 10 years, so now I’m leaning into everything playful, flamboyant and exciting.”

Bad Bunny

bad bunny met gala 2024
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

After pulling out all the stops on last year’s carpet, Bad Bunny was appointed as a co-chair of the 2024 Met Gala; if his custom look — Maison Margiela Artisanal by John Galliano — is any indication, he took the role seriously. Glittering diamond-shaped glasses popped underneath a massive black hat while the singer held a stunning fabric bouquet in his leather-gloved hands. The suit was dashing, filled with flashes of red on black fabric.

Chris Hemsworth

chris hemsworth met gala 2024
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

Chris Hemsworth arrived in breezy Tom Ford ensemble accented with gold jewellery and a subtle, shimmering green pendant. Washed in an cream-coloured hue, the look offered a charming take on traditional garden party attire, finished with dazzling gold accessories that could’ve been lifted straight from the Gilded Age.

Steven Yeun

steven yeung met gala 2024
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

Not every take on the theme had to involve petal-hued pastels, of course; Book For Men cover alum Steven Yeun wore a custom black-and-white suit by Thom Browne. On the jacket, a subtly-botanical texture evokes “The Garden of Time” in a literal sense, while an umbrella, bowtie, and buttoned vest completed the vintage look.

Colman Domingo

colman domingo met gala 2024
Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Donning a custom Willy Chavarria suit, Book For Men alum Colman Domingo told E! News “Everything I do, I feel like it’s gotta be for the culture. It’s gotta be more than just for me.” Holding a bouquet of white flowers, the actor said his look takes inspiration from Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman and Vogue journalist André Leon Talley, as both figures had worn capes at the Met Gala. Accordingly, Domingo paired his white, double-breasted suit with a matching, floor-length cape over ultra-baggy black trousers.

Sam Smith & Christian Cowan

sam smith met gala 2024
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Dating a designer has its perks. Sam Smith made their debut at the Met Gala in a black outfit crafted by their partner, Christian Cowan. “I think of the Gala as fashion Christmas,” Smith said to Vogue. It’s fitting, then, that they took a sophisticated approach to the theme. Pinning the jacket closed with a metal rose and sporting a sheer black skirt around their trousers, Smith’s look read like a tribute to a rose bush: equal parts eye-catching and fragile.

Lil Nas X

lil nas x met gala 2024
Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Although he’s a relative newcomer to the Met, Lil Nas X has a thing or two to teach the other guests. Composed of over 50,000 Swarvoski crystals, the rapper’s outfit takes inspiration from traditional luxury — think fine porcelain dish sets and Waterfood crystal glasses. Meanwhile, loose-fitting trousers take bring modern streetwear to mind. It’s decidedly twofold, with an impressive Swarvoski-laden tank top under a massive, draping overcoat. Laur’s Raul Lopez, the brains behind the look, told Vogue that: “Just as a flower naturally sheds its petals throughout its life cycle, Lil Nas X sheds his outer coat, unveiling a fresh, new layer underneath.”

Brooklyn Beckham

Brooklyn Beckham Met  Gala 2024
Photo courtesy of Dior Men’s.

In “The Garden of Time,” white suits were as ubiquitous as floral patterns and pastels, as proven by Brooklyn Beckham’s double-breasted jacket in white wool and silk. Thanks to its deep cut, Beckham’s oversized Dior Men ensemble brought attention to a glamorous gold pendant. Going sans-undershirt is a daring move, but the sleek cut lapels gave his suit a flattering silhouette.

Jonathan Bailey

Jonathan Bailey Met Gala 2024
Photo courtesy of OMEGA.

Jonathan Bailey is no stranger to the best-dressed lists, so it’s fitting that he pulled out all the stops for fashion’s biggest night. Swapping a traditional necktie for a massive floral piece, Bailey’s custom Loewe look turned heads, while the diamond-set bezel of his OMEGA De Ville Trésor doubled down on glamour. Shiny black boots and high-waisted trousers — adorned with another flower at the waist — showed that good tailoring is always en vogue.

Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons met gala 2024
Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images

On a night filled with high-fashion staples, NBA star Ben Simmons distinguished himself in a flowing overcoat draped over his suit like a vine. The overcoat, embroidered with a botanical pattern and checkered red-white shoulders — the latter matched with a patterned shirt collar — was the highlight. Simmons also carried a head-turning briefcase with a massive clock, taking “The Garden of Time” literally. His actual wristwatch was a gem-set Patek Philippe Aquanaut, which was equally impressive in its own right.

Sebastian Stan

sebastian stan met gala 2024
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Speaking of statement coats, Sebastian Stan’s duster jacket was something to see — sparkling featherlike trim and shiny platform shoes elevated the simple black ensemble. That said, Stan’s high-rise pants were the true standout, thanks to a slew of dazzling silver brooches pinned at the waist. It was an impressive move overall, especially after Stan’s slightly-too-casual all-pink ensemble from last year’s gala.

Michael Shannon

Michael Shannon Met Gala 2025
Photo courtesy of Vacheron Constantin.

Michael Shannon swapped baked Lays for a custom Balenciaga bag of… cheese and onion chips? Shannon’s cheeky take was balanced out by the the rest of the look, which featured formal wide peaked lapel, a high-collared beige shirt — loosely tied up top with a bow — and an elegant Vacheron Constantin Historiques American 1921 in White Gold.

Jack Harlow

Jack Harlow Met Gala 2024
Photo courtesy of Dior Men’s.

Jack Harlow’s look is by far the most subtle on our list, though his tuxedo — with peaked lapels, grey wool and silk — was decidedly dapper. Sporting a Lily of the Valley brooch by Dior Men’s, Harlow gave a slight wink to the theme.


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