11 Best Men’s White T-shirts 2024

Best White T-Shirt for Men

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As one of our resident wardrobe-basics experts, I’ve learned that a good white T-shirt is easy to find, but a truly great one — one that hits the marks on comfort and durability as well as versatility and style — is much harder to come by. So to uncover the standouts in what feels like an endless sea of options, I spoke to a dozen stylish guys — including multiple designers — about their personal favorites. From there, I tested a few of their recommendations, along with a couple of tees that were already on my radar.

What I learned as I researched is that it’s quite tough to pick the “best” white T-shirt — there’s just as much of a case for a structured boxy tee as there is for a plain cotton Hanes. But I made my decisions based on what I thought would be the best tee for most people (taking into account the dozens of conversations I’ve had about white tees — and really basics in general). Read on for all the best men’s white tees for layering, tucking in, or wearing on their own. And if you’re looking for more menswear advice, check out our roundups of the best men’s jeans, gym shorts, and sweatpants.

As much as possible, we try to highlight size-inclusive brands. To make shopping easier, I’ve called out all size ranges here, including if the brand offers short or tall choices.

Most of the T-shirts on this list are made from cotton, a breathable, machine-washable, and durable material. We’ve specified the cotton type because it determines the weight and texture of the shirt. Slub cotton, for example, has a bit of a lumpy texture due to how it’s woven, but is breathable. Regular cotton is heavier and rougher, but is more durable. We also included a linen and hemp-cotton blend shirt, which are both lightweight.

As mentioned, the material of a T-shirt determines its weight: A thicker weave results in a heavier tee, while thinner strands of cotton create a more lightweight shirt. If you prefer lighter-weight shirts in the warmer months, it might be best to own both types instead of staying loyal to a specific weight year-round. Regardless, there are lots of options for all camps.

Men’s T-shirts can typically be sorted into three categories: slim, loose, and oversize. From there, you can find necklines ranging from crew, scoop, V, and deep V. Crewnecks are by far the most universal, but we’ve made sure to call out if the shirt is available in other neckline options.

Buck Mason Slub Curved Hem Tee

Sizes: XS to XXL with short and tall options | Fabric: Slub cotton | Weight: Medium weight | Fit and neckline: Loose crewneck

Strategist-favorite brand Buck Mason’s curved-hem white tee comes as close as possible to a universal best T-shirt pick because of its medium-weight cotton, standard-size collar, and slim-but-not-too-slim shape that works for just about anyone. After testing the shirt, I noticed that the sleeves hit right at the perfect spot on the bicep without looking too short or too long. The breathable slub-cotton also gets softer each time I wash it, though it still maintains some sturdiness. And it’s not too fitted nor really boxy either, so it’s comfortable to wear but still looks put-together. Compared to other white tees I tried, this is an elevated option at a price that isn’t too steep — which is another reason why I gave it the top spot. The brand also offers the option to purchase the top in a short or tall length without compromising the flattering curved-hem bottom.

And I’m not the only one who’s awarded the Buck Mason tee high all-around marks: My take was confirmed by Arquiste Parfumeur founder Carlos Huber, who wears the T-shirt to the beach but also more formal settings, like under his suit at his 2022 wedding. Huber also told me he appreciates the well-shaped neck and curved hem.

Hanes Men's Tagless 100-Percent Cotton T-Shirt

Sizes: S to 3XL with big and tall options | Fabric: Cotton | Weight: Medium weight | Fit and neckline: Slim crewneck

A tried-and-true classic: the humble Hanes tee. The low price ensures you don’t have to worry about staining it, but at the same time it by no means feels or looks cheap. It’s a medium-weight tee like Buck Mason’s, but our writer Arielle Avila says this feels slightly rougher, probably because it’s made out of 100 percent regular cotton instead of slub cotton. Despite the texture, Avila didn’t find it to be scratchy. In terms of fit, she says it hugs the body a bit more than the loose Buck Mason and has slightly shorter sleeves (without digging into armpits), which makes it ideal for lounging around and layering with sweaters or cardigans. Another fan is author Alexander Chee, who says he wears the tagless version as an undershirt and on its own. That versatility, given its under-$4 price tag (when you break down the price per tee), made it a natural choice for this category.

J.Crew Broken-in Short-Sleeve T-shirt

Sizes: XS to XXL with tall options | Fabric: Cotton | Weight: Lightweight | Fit and neckline: Slim or loose crewneck

For something more lightweight than the above options, turn to J.Crew’s already-broken-in tee. I haven’t had the chance to test it for myself, but our menswear columnist Chris Black has called it out for being the next best thing to vintage. (Black frequently recommends the best vintage finds, so I fully trust him on that front.) Looking into the shirt more, I saw that it comes in a nice variety of fits and size options — classic (loose), slim, and tall. The fit options tipped the scale for me, and that’s why it’s my top lightweight pick.

Uniqlo Supima Cotton Crew Neck Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

Sizes: XXS to 3XL | Fabric: Supima Cotton | Weight: Lightweight | Fit and neckline: Loose crewneck

Supima cotton is made of extra-long fibers, resulting in a durable material that doesn’t pill or lose its shape easily. Because it’s of better quality than regular cotton, it typically comes at a higher price, but Uniqlo makes an excellent affordable option. The lightweight and relaxed fit is especially breezy during the warmer months. It has slightly longer sleeves than tees mentioned so far and hits slightly below the hem, adding to its boxier fit (without looking oversize). And while Avila has owned hers for a little less than a year, it also seems to be durable for a lightweight tee. After multiple washes, she says it looks as good as new; it hasn’t shrunk or lost its bright-white color. Luxury-leather-goods designer Jeff Wan also told me he’s had his as a wardrobe staple for more than three years, which I thought was an impressive amount of time for a budget pick.

Lululemon Heavyweight Cotton Jersey T-shirt

Sizes: XS to XXL | Fabric: Cotton jersey | Weight: Heavyweight | Fit and neckline: Slim crewneck

If you’d prefer a top with a little more structure, try a heavyweight tee like this one from Lululemon. It’s one of the sturdiest picks on this list, thanks to a blend of cotton and jersey, which gives the fabric a firmness that’s built to last while still being breathable. For the past year, it’s been my boyfriend’s favorite white T-shirt, so much so that he owns it in two other shades, including black. As someone who’s very active, the relaxed fit works well for his muscular build, and the boxiness means it never clings to his sides. When I borrowed the T-shirt from his side of the closet, I was impressed by how it hardly ever creased, even after being stuffed in a drawer or hamper. It also holds up to constant machine-washing, but I recommend tumble-drying on low or hang-drying as it can shrink slightly.

Editor’s note: Lululemon’s Heavyweight Cotton Jersey T-shirt is currently unavailable in white, but you can check the product page for restocking information.

Uniqlo U Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Sizes: XXS to 3XL | Fabric: Cotton | Weight: Heavyweight | Fit and neckline: Loose crewneck

For a more affordable heavyweight T-shirt, Uniqlo makes one of my favorites: the U Crew Neck. More substantial and structured than the brand’s Supima Cotton Crew Neck I called out above, this one is still soft and never feels too stiff. And, even though it’s a heavier shirt, I find it to be breathable during the warmer months. Mickey Pangilinan, a creative lead at Apple, also appreciates the tee’s “weighty material and nice texture.” The only caveat here is that the thick fabric is a bit harder to tuck into pants or shorts and doesn’t work as well as an undershirt compared to the lightweight options above.

Heavyweight Collections Classic Fit T-shirt

Sizes: S to XXL | Fabric: Cotton | Weight: Heavyweight | Fit and neckline: Oversize crewneck

While some of the tees listed so far are just slightly oversize, Heavyweight Collection’s Classic Fit T-Shirt is made a full size larger. I have yet to try out a shirt from the brand, but sources I’ve spoken to say its 100 percent heavyweight cotton fabric gives it a structured look (rather than schlumpy, which I find is common with oversize tees). Another plus: The brand also sells this in a tall version.

The Big Favorite Relaxed Crew

Sizes: XS to XXL | Fabric: Pima cotton | Weight: Medium weight | Fit and neckline: Loose crewneck

In search of sustainable, closed-loop-cycle options, Avila turned to the Big Favorite. The brand initially caught her eye last summer when she saw it applied the same approach to underwear. Avila, along with her boyfriend — who wears tees every day and can be particular about cut — tested out the shirts for themselves. They both appreciated the fit, which they told me is loose without being too oversize, and that the sleeves hit just above the elbow and the hem falls slightly below the waist. The fabric is buttery soft and mid-weight, making this one ideal for wearing on its own or layered. As part of the brand’s closed-loop cycle, you can send the tee back once it’s worn out through this page or by scanning the QR code on the label. Once it’s processed, you’ll get a discount on future purchases. The company also offers an undyed version that’s a pleasant off-white shade.

Alex Crane Sun Tee in Bone

Sizes: XS to XXL | Fabric: Linen | Weight: Lightweight | Fit and neckline: Loose crewneck

Linen is much more common in the button-down world, but New York–based brand Alex Crane makes the case for having a T-shirt made out of the material. This is by far the breeziest option on the list, because the sustainably grown French linen is lightweight and loose fit offers plenty of ventilation. The fabric is thinner than the cotton options and toes the line of being see-through, but I wouldn’t say it’s quite tissue-thin. That’s because it has a slight texture to it that you don’t typically find with smooth cotton tees. All of those factors make it a more elevated shirt option, especially in the summer. What’s best is that it’s preshrunk, so you don’t have to worry about it on laundry days.

Jungmaven Original Tee


Sizes: XXS to 3XL | Fabric: Supima Cotton | Weight: Lightweight | Fit and neckline: Slim crewneck

Jungmaven’s a brand that’s been repeatedly recommended to me in my reporting on wardrobe basics. Its tanks and tees are praised partly because they’re made with hemp, a more sustainable and durable natural fiber than cotton. While the brand offers options with different variations of hemp-and-cotton mixtures, Avila says her favorite has been the 55 percent hemp and 45 percent cotton fabric, which is what this Original Tee is made of. Its weight is in between Alex Crane’s lightweight linen and the Uniqlo U’s heavyweight tee, and it has a soft lived-in feel.

Sunspel White Cotton-Jersey T-shirt

Sizes: XXS to 3XL | Fabric: Cotton jersey | Weight: Lightweight | Fit and neckline: Slim crewneck

A prior version of this story ranked this Sunspel T-shirt as the best overall. Given its steep price, it would be hard to say it’s the best tee for most people. I haven’t had a chance to test it out for myself, but former Strategist writer Chloe Anello did and said that while it is very nice — soft and airy with solid craftsmanship — it feels more like an undershirt because of how thin and lightweight it was. But that’s exactly what industrial designer Marc Newson does: He layers it under other clothing, which he’s done for 30 years, buying 20 shirts at a time. As for its fit, Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski has told us the sleeves are just right; They don’t need to be rolled up, but if you decide to, it doesn’t look like a muscle tee. And his Sunspel T-shirts don’t turn yellow in the armpits the way his other white T-shirts do. It is a luxury purchase to be sure (especially to wear just as an undershirt), but if that’s what you like, I trust Newsom and Porowski’s takes.

• Arielle Avila, Strategist writer
• Chloe Anello, former Strategist writer
• Chris Black, Strategist columnist
• Alexander Chee, author
• Carlos Huber, founder of Arquiste Parfumeur
• Marc Newson, industrial designer
• Mickey Pangilinan, creative lead at Apple
• Antoni Porowski, Queer Eye host
• Jeff Wan, luxury-leather-goods designer

Update on June 20, 2024: Added note on restock notifications for Lululemon’s Heavyweight Cotton Jersey T-shirt. Updated prices and checked stock for all products.

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